Peter Starr

Guiding people to better financial outcomes for themselves and those they care about, since 1988.

I specialize in the following important areas of life:

  • Creating growth strategies for small businesses. Frequently, my help involves an investment of my time and expertise, up front, in return for a future fee to be agreed upon once certain levels of income and sustainability are met and maintained. If I can’t add real value to your business there’s no reason to pay me.
  • Guiding executives with negotiating skills for greater upward advancement. My help involves training people to become their own best negotiators. I normally stay in the background, guiding you. Typical results include increased income and upward mobility plus achieving a greater respect for your talents from upper management.
  • Creating current and future long-term income streams. With so much market volatility staying with us for many years to come, there’s nothing like a guaranteed income!

You have questions, I'll help you get answers